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September Objectives:

✅ Monthly Airdrops
✅ RxDAI back to 0.01 xDAI
✅ Encouraging dApp Scaling
✅ Tokenomics Discussion
✅ DeFi on xDAI

Appreciate all of your patience while I carved out a more decisive plan for the community.

Admittedly, I think I was brute force attempting to materialize so much mass adoption and xDAI scaling that I lost focus on the core of this subreddit’s purpose: grow the community. …

Today’s Twitter Spaces Interview is with Nick Tennant of Precision Extraction, who runs of one of the largest cannabis extraction consulting firms.

There’s a lot of parallel growth between blockchain and cannabis industrial scaling.

Rob: Nick has a huge operation going, in terms of its influence, that helps companies that are trying to get into the extraction space so they can create marijuana products with a consistent amount of dosing and is really doing a lot in the space for marijuana, making it more easy for companies that want to jump in to do so with a certain level…

Visa just spent $150,000 for a non-fungible token “NFT” of a digital punk from the CryptoPunks collection from the Larva Labs studio.

As a xDAI-specific support DAO, our job is chiefly to promote the expansive ecosystem of dApps that call xDAI home, inspired by the no-nonsense approach Igor Barinov, Victor Baranov, Vadim Arasev & other impactful members of the xDAI dev team take to delivering solutions and community building behind this sensational Layer-2 EVM platform.

I’m doing a series of due diligence reports for promising BitClout profiles that may suit your eye in terms of a befitting your investing strategy.

BitClout is an open source cryptocurrency project and social media platform where users can buy and sell “creator coins” based on people’s reputations; these creator coins are non-fungible tokens and are bound to cryptographically secured accounts with unique names.

The beauty of the platform that is when you buy a token, if you’re the first one, and the founders rewards is 0%, say, then you are only exposed to the value of $Clout, which is…

Influencers experience a pain point as it relates to monetizing their brand. Many have notoriety for their athletic abilities, comedic timing, or writing skills, which translates to followers. During the ebb and flow of a career, however, earnings cyclically rise and fall, but largely these loyal followers stay, awaiting engaging content that speaks to their values.

How do influencers deliver this engaging content while still monetizing their brand to economically self-sustain?

Presently, celebrities often farm themselves out to the highest bidder to cut ribbons at car dealerships, tout health supplements, or do late-night television pitches for real estate in the…

The fact the matter is that for ordinary users that are operating with their Metamask wallet that the cost to do routine transactions is prohibitively high for getting decentralized applications or decentralized finance projects as much traction as they could enjoy if the Gwei were as low as it should be.

The GWEI is just too damn high.

On the decentralization front, when you look back at the history of the block chain rail, specifically bitcoin, with the passage of time I appreciate how Satoshi Nakamoto was perfectly positioned, whether he is. A single person or a account that is representative of a bunch of coders, and his stepping to obscurity keeps the core focus on the technology rather than the personality or personalities leading the project

What you see with a lot of these crypto projects our personalities that come to the forefront, such as the Vitalik Buterin or Justin Sun. And people have a definite issue…

Because of the borderless, international nature of blockchain technologies, and their most frequently associated projects operating as payment rails, we have projects that operate in a legal quagmire of sorts. With no legal protections in the wild west of crypto, there’s nothing to stop anyone from forking an existing project and promoting that fork oneself as one’s own and pressing forward with the intellectual property and code of someone else’s project.

This is precisely what has happened to Uniswap on a wholesale basis and has led to several successful projects with multi billion dollar market capitalizations built upon an exact…

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