The Case for Sidechains like xDAI

The fact the matter is that for ordinary users that are operating with their Metamask wallet that the cost to do routine transactions is prohibitively high for getting decentralized applications or decentralized finance projects as much traction as they could enjoy if the Gwei were as low as it should be.

The GWEI is just too damn high.

In my estimation the real solution is to integrate into your Metamask experience a sidechain like xDAI or another secondary layer that will allow you to conduct transactions without paying an arm and leg.

The strength of their Uniswap fork and other applications that are built onto the side chain are ramping up and from what I saw from interview with the lead developer, they have some substantial traction that is lubricating the dApp ecosystem across a number of different platforms.

From what I understand about Ethereum 2.0, the real correction for lower gas prices in terms of rollouts and other solutions is still down the road and in order to keep the excitement for more reasonable transaction costs in the immediate term other competitor projects are working overtime.




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