The Distributed Web, with InterPlanetary File System leading the way, is almost here.

The trend in crypto is against centralization. Trustless technologies rule the day so it’s not too much of leap to see a future with a distributed web. DDOS attacks and all manner of point-specific attacks routinely cripple sites and bring large enterprises to their knees. The distribution of node holders that host content removes many of these constraints and afford freedom to those who live under governments selecting that which they can access and which are denied approval.

Unstoppable Domains introduced the simple non-fungible and distributed web hosting experience such that .crypto and .zil domains are now under their authority with just an extension. The feature of being able to centralize a user’s crypto wallets under one name is useful, however. This ambitious project has done a good job of doing some transformative things, all the while flying under the radar. I do feel that many more companies that build upon this idea of a website extension and blockchain technology utilizations allowing any company to be an ICANN will blossom many more similar projects, building upon their foundation.



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